Sunday, January 31, 2016



 The Kedah International Motor Fest is an annual motors and cars enthusiast event held in in Kedah. The show will be hosted at the Darulaman Lake Jitra open space which aimed to accommodate up to 5,000 bikes and cars lovers around Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. The Festival is organized by Kedah Riders Club, a group of motopassion with strong partnership and network across the nation. Kedah International Motor Fest (KIMF) is initiated to be the important major festival for all international bikers in Malaysia. 
January 29 - January 31
Jan 29 at 8 AM to Jan 31 at 3 PM
Tasik Darulaman Jitra


Thursday, January 28, 2016


The Harumanis Adventure Trail Run is an exciting Perlis state level running event that opens to local and international participants. This event is fully endorsed and supported by Perlis State Government under the Perlis Youth and Sports Department, Perlis Agriculture Department and other local agencies. Runners will enjoy a great tour and experience unique adventure of trail running in Perlis as this event will combine sports and agro challenges. Participants need to tackle 15km worth of challenging trails and asphalt along Sungai Batu Pahat area, crossing the remarkable sceneries of paddy field, tranquil nature of the forest and passing through the Perlis very own Harumanis Mango farms. On top of that, participants required to complete specified tasks which include Perlis local activities during the race. Visitors and participants will have the opportunity to explore Perlis local attractions and get the chance to taste Perlis very own Harumanis Mango signature. Runners have to expect the unexpected as April till June is the hot season in Perlis and this will definitely another challenge for them to deal with during the race.


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