Tuesday, December 4, 2007

World Cup Asia 2007

"THE HIGHLIGHT OF 2007,THE YEAR OF MALAYSIA PAINTBALL!!!" The final leg of the PALS to be held at Dataran PJ, Selangor, Malaysia . Date:Dec 7th till 10th 2007. Largest international tournament in the region. Recognised & Sanctioned by the Govt of Malaysia. THE PROMO & PREPARATIONS STARTS NOW..THOUGH WE HAVE BEEN READY FOR A WHOLE YEAR NOW!!!WE NEED ALL MALAYSIAN PB PEOPLE TO COME IN AND HELP U ON THE BEST TOURNEY IN ASIA EVER!!!

Friday 7th of Dec
-Time: 8am - 5pm Preliminaries
-Time:11am - 12.30pm Xball Lite Tourney
-Time:2.30 - 5pm Preliminaries and 2nd Round for Div 3
*Opening Ceremony:5pm-5.45pm
*Dinner at ......... for all international guests.(Tourist Spot)Transport with police escort will be provided.(Sponsored by MTPN Selangor.Subject to further confirmation)

Saturday 8th of Dec

Time: 8am - 6pm Preliminaries of Div 1 & 2

Sunday 9th of Dec

Time:10am - 4pm
-2nd Round for Div 1
-Qtrfinals,Semifinals,Finals for Div 1, Div 2, Div 3
8pm till Morning Grin - Prizegiving,Playerz Party and WCA Pageant at Breakers,Sri Hartamas!!!

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