Sunday, December 30, 2007

V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Goggles - White

V-Force Grill Thermal Paintball Goggles - White


  • Quick-change Click-Dry Foam system - Revolutionary foam-swap system for fresh, dry foam in a snap
  • Quick-change ThermoCured Lens - Lens interchangeable, easier than ever
  • Quick-change Strap - Close-contact Posi-clip strap
  • Sleek spherical lens - Aggressive, low profile sunglass-inspired 3D lens shape for unrestricted peripheral vision
  • Hardtarget design - Ultra low profile design to further reduce the target zone
  • Cutting edge optics - Industry leading Thermocured antifog and antiscratch lenses with unbeatable distortion free optics
  • Customizable lenses - Adapt to any light condition with yellow or smoke tinted, mirrored, or photochromatic lenses
  • Maximum bounce - Full-flex ProGrill center face soft rubber area to maximize bounce factor
  • Ultralightweight construction for unrestricted movement
  • Built in forehead bounce panel for added face and lens protection
  • ProVisor - increased protection in sunny or rainy conditions
  • ComfortChin Strap - Increased stability for a faster game

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ford Cortina 2000 GT "coke bottle"

Sabtu Ahad hari tu aku balik Perlis. Sabtu tu gak B'day aku...
Ikut member aku ni si "korea". Naik Keta "baru" dia. Punya la chantek macam harganya.. harga beli aku ingat dalam rm2k ja kot.. . tapi unutk proses pembikinan semula tu mau makan rm15k.... tapi puas hati la aku tengok...
lepas ni dengaq kata nak pasang audio power2 plak... mau tuli budak tu... dah dok pekak dah... heheh jangan marah... tapi aku cadangkan tukaq enjin dulu laaa...
masuk enjin ni... Nissan NEO Tech..
so good luck bro.....

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Ford Cortina is a mid sized family car sold by Ford of Britain in various guises from 1962 to 1982.

The Cortina was Ford's mass-market mid-sized car and sold in enormous numbers, making it common on British roads. It was replaced in 1982 by the Ford Sierra. In other markets, particularly Asia and Australasia, it was replaced by the Mazda 626-based Ford Telstar, though Ford New Zealand did import British-made CKD kits of the Ford Sierra estate for local assembly from 1984.

The Cortina was produced in five generations (Mark I through to Mark V, although officially the last one was called the Cortina 80) from 1962 until 1982. From 1970 onward, it was almost identical to the German-market Ford Taunus (being built on the same platform) which was originally a different car model. This was part of a Ford attempt to unify its European operations. By 1976, when the revised Taunus was launched, the Cortina was identical. In fact, this new Taunus / Cortina used the doors and some panels from the 1970 Taunus.

All variants of the Cortina sold over one million, with each successive model proving more popular than its predecessor. Such was its fame in the UK that the BBC Two documentary series Arena once devoted an edition to the car and its enthusiasts.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Disertakan keratan akhbar

Untuk tatapan semua disertakan gambar dan cerita mengenai Pandu Uji Motosikal Modenas Kriss 120 bersama Media yang disiarkan dalam majalah Mingguan Sukan.

Disertakan keratan akhbar dari Kosmo, 2/11/2007(Jumaat) dan akhbar Harian Metro, 6/11/2007(Selasa) yang memaparkan cerita mengenai Pandu Uji Kriss 120 bersama Media bertempat di Litar Pasir Gudang, Johor, 1/11/2007(Khamis).

Wednesday, December 12, 2007



  1. "Better Kriss" - New Straits Times

  2. Latest Modenas bike offers more power and comfort - - The Borneo Post Online -

  3. Modenas: Sales Of Kriss 120 Exceed Forecast -
  4. Kriss 120 baru lebih bergaya -

modenas dah keluarkan model 120....

moto kriss 120 nie bagi aku ok sebab aku dah pun test moto nie aku dah
pakai moto nie dah 2 bulan top speed ok 140km-h atas highway laa.tork
pulak bleh tahan .Ari tuu aku try laa test ngan sebijik Nouvo-S
baru.Nouvo-s tuu kena tapau ngan kriss 120 aku mula2 aku tak caya gak
moto nie bleh tapau nouvo tuu sebab cc moto nie lebih 5cc jee. darui
nouvo tuu.
moto kriss nie design dia bleh laa tahan bagi aku sapa yang nak beli moto
baru modenas nie aku rasa berbaloi laa. Big Smile .... ni dari

Kriss 120 : Equipped with 4-stroke SOHC 120cc engine comes with MAC-s(Modenas Advanced Camshaft system!

Perubahan paling penting pada model ini ialah enjinnya yang dipertingkatkan isipadunya. Rekaan enjin didatangkan dari Kawasaki dan diasaskan oleh enjin 111cc Kriss. Enjin ini telah ditingkatkan sedikit gerek dan lejangnya dan kini mencecah 120cc. Jurutera Modenas telah menala profil camshaftnya untuk meningkatkan lagi kuasa dan pecutan motorsikal ini. Talaan inilah yang dinamakan Modenas Advanced Camshaft-system (MAC-s). Karburetor pula ditukar daripada model terdahulu kepada model SPACO AV20 yang lebih besar. Hasilnya enjin 120cc ini menghasilkan 7.3 kW/8500 rpm dan 9.1 N.m/4000 rpm berbanding enjin 111cc dengan 6.6kW dan 9.3 N.m pada rpm-rpm yang sama. . . from

lepas ni model s.e (sportrim + disk break)akan release pulak... so awas 120 beb!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007



Team Registration Opens for MY-NPL'07 Super7

MY-NPL HQ & Tactical Action are pleased to announce venue & date and division, prizes & fees for the MY-NPL'07 Super7. For more information on registration details, please read below.

Team Registration:
No over the phone confirmation of registrations. All entries must be paid through online or cheque only. Registration must be submited on/before 27th December 2007.

Division Pendekar
Open to all teams in Malaysia & Asean region.
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL mode only/allowed.
Not more than 10 active players in the roster.

1st : 40cases Paintball of 2000 rounds (Value @ RM8,000.00) + Medal & Trophy
2nd: 30cases Paintball of 2000 rounds (Value @ RM6,000.00) + Medal
3rd: 20cases Paintball of 2000 rounds (Value @ RM4,000.00) + Medal
4th: Medal only

Division Pendekar Registration Fees: RM700.00

Division Pahlawan
Open to all Div 3 & 4 teams in Malaysia only.
(NO Div1 & 2 players allowed)
Electronic markers with semi auto/NPPL mode only/allowed.
Not more than 10 active players in the roster.

1st: 25cases Paintball of 2000 rounds (Value @ RM5,000.00) + Medal & Trophy
2nd: 20cases Paintball of 2000 rounds (Value @ RM4,000.00) + Medal
3rd: 15cases Paintball of 2000 rounds (Value @ RM3,000.00) + Medal
4th: Medal only

Division Pahlawan Registration Fees: RM350.00

Prizes from division less than 10 teams will be deduct 30%.

Paintball pellets will be subsidies by the presenters at RM30.00/case of 2000rounds. This means that teams will only need to pay RM200.00/case.

How to Pay by Mail
Send Money Order, made out to Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd., to:

Tactical Action Sdn. Bhd.
MY-NPL'07 -Super7 (Team Registration)
25, Jalan Damar, SD15/1, Bandar Sri Damansara,
52200 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711

Be sure to include Team Name, Division, Captain's Name and contact information (Mailing address, phone and email address).

Super 7 Event Information

29th December 2007
1700hrs to 1900hrs Saturday (Field Walking)
2000hrs to 2130hrs Saturday (Team's Captain Meeting)
30th December 2007
0800hrs to 1700hrs Sunday (Finals held on-site at approx. 1500hrs)
2000hrs onwards Prizes giving in Planet Hollywood.

Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC), Kompleks Sukan Astaka, Petaling Jaya.

More information regarding MY-NPL coming event, please visit Please stay tuned to the Events Info!

or contact: -
Mr. Sofian Daud (MY-NPL Tournament Director)
H/P: 016-332 3337
Tel: 03-6277 7779, Fax: 03-6277 7711
E-mail: or

Mr. YP Wong - 016-332 3370, 019-983 3370
Mr. Azam - 016-332 3371, 012-381 5690
Mr. Muhsin - 016-227 0338, 017-285 0980
Ms. WH Ling - 016-262 2623, 012-369 3091

Want to be MY-NPL official feeder events? Please contact us.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The WCA 2007 is upon us and we are 1 day away from the action.Just some last minute info..

If you need to get more info.,media pass,playerz party ticket or wish to get the programme for the event.The Hilton Hotel Secretariat is in Suite 1015.

The booths will be doing sales from Thursday evening onwards.

Cheers...and see you guys there!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

World Cup Asia 2007

"THE HIGHLIGHT OF 2007,THE YEAR OF MALAYSIA PAINTBALL!!!" The final leg of the PALS to be held at Dataran PJ, Selangor, Malaysia . Date:Dec 7th till 10th 2007. Largest international tournament in the region. Recognised & Sanctioned by the Govt of Malaysia. THE PROMO & PREPARATIONS STARTS NOW..THOUGH WE HAVE BEEN READY FOR A WHOLE YEAR NOW!!!WE NEED ALL MALAYSIAN PB PEOPLE TO COME IN AND HELP U ON THE BEST TOURNEY IN ASIA EVER!!!

Friday 7th of Dec
-Time: 8am - 5pm Preliminaries
-Time:11am - 12.30pm Xball Lite Tourney
-Time:2.30 - 5pm Preliminaries and 2nd Round for Div 3
*Opening Ceremony:5pm-5.45pm
*Dinner at ......... for all international guests.(Tourist Spot)Transport with police escort will be provided.(Sponsored by MTPN Selangor.Subject to further confirmation)

Saturday 8th of Dec

Time: 8am - 6pm Preliminaries of Div 1 & 2

Sunday 9th of Dec

Time:10am - 4pm
-2nd Round for Div 1
-Qtrfinals,Semifinals,Finals for Div 1, Div 2, Div 3
8pm till Morning Grin - Prizegiving,Playerz Party and WCA Pageant at Breakers,Sri Hartamas!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Ubat sakit tekak

Difflam Sugar-Free Lozengers

Difflam Sugar-Free Lozengers

Active Ingredients

Benzydamine Hydrochloride 3mg, Cetylpyridium Chloride 1.33mg.

Inactive Ingredients

Saccharin Sodium.

Product Description

Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges have an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effect so they provide fast effective relief for sore throats and mouths. Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges can give temporary relief from the pain associated with tonsillitis, mouth ulcers, pharyngitis, sore throats and local pain from dental surgery, mouth or throat surgery.Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges are also available in five different flavors - raspberry, doublemint, honey lemon, orange, and eucalyptus & menthol.


  • Suck 1 lozenge as required up to a maximum of 12 lozenges per day.
  • Difflam lozenges work for up to 3 hours. For more severe cases use Difflam every 1 to 2 hours.
  • Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges are not recommended for children under 6 years

Warnings and Cautions

  • Do not use Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges for more than 7 days continuously.
  • Excess consumption may have a laxative effect.
  • Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges should not be chewed
  • If symptoms persist see your doctor
  • Store below 30°C/85°F.

Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges are a pharmacy medicine. Difflam is a registered trademark. Difflam Sugarfree Lozenges are manufactured by 3M Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd, Australia and are distributed in New Zealand by 3M New Zealand Limited, Auckland, New Zealand

hehehehe.. last2 aku dapat ubat ni..

kebas satu mulut.. tapi ok laaa sebab tak sakit tekak.. tapi kalau dos 4 jam sekali.... ok laa tahan sakit 4jam ....

kat farmasi pun ada ni.. p tanya jaa..

sakit tekak! FARINGITIS menatang hapa tah?
seguni dah ubat aku makan tak lega2..
nak makan sedap2 pun tak lehhh..
telan air liur pun sakitttttttttttttttttttt.....
demam pun dah demam sakit belakng pun dahhh ....

Jika anda menghidap sakit tekak, anda perlu mendapatkan beberapa keping asam keping. Asam keping ini hendaklah dibakar hingga menjadi hangus. Setelah itu ditumbuk dan digaul dengan sedikit air sirih. Setelah itu sapukan pada bahagian tekak anda yang sakit. Insya Allah tekak anda akan sembuh seperti sediakala."

petua pa ni?

strepsil dah beratus biji aku makan..
antibiotik paling mahal pun aku dah makan...
rasa macam nak kumur dengan detol jaa..


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